Ken Waldman's shows are never alike, since he varies them according to venue, audience, and who's joining him onstage. Mark Tamsula, who appears on three of Ken's CDs, is a favorite accompanist, and can play fiddle, banjo, and guitar, as he does in the videos below.

Mark also made a documentary of his 2008 May trip to Alaska where he recorded two CDs with Ken and played several shows. Curious? Find the movie, which is in three parts, here, here, and here. (And if you're really curious, here's Ken and Mark on Saturday Light Brigade, an iconic Pittsburgh radio show.)

The top three videos below are from an April 2011 event in Cumberland, Maryland, part of a two-day residency when Ken Waldman and Mark Tamsula visited several schools, and performed in the community. The twin fiddle piece leads into a poem, "Old-Time Fiddle Lesson," which Ken does most every show, though almost never with this original tune. "Burnt Down House" is another poem Ken does at most shows, and, like here, he usually adds a story and fiddle tune to the poem. Ken has composed several watzes and "Fairbanks Cabin Waltz"  is one he especially likes to play on mandolin.

The bottom two videos are from on October 2014 show at Sam Houston State University where Ken was joined by Austin multi-instrumentalists Jerry Hagins and Beth Chrisman in a show that also included Evie Ladin & Keith Terry, and Huntsville musicians, Gene and Marynell Young. Here, Ken and Jerry play Ken's original tune, "A Week in Eek," which gets the story, poem, and fiddle tune treatment. Next video, Beth Chrisman joins them for "Chinquapin Hunting" which also includes a poem.