Ken & Lydia

Ken Waldman plays old-time Appalachian-style fiddle, writes smart poems, and tells Alaska-set stories.

Lydia Garrison, plays old-time music on banjo, fiddle, guitar, plays Cajun music, also writes her own smart songs, and sings them deeply. 

Together, Ken Waldman and Lydia Garrison, either as a duo, or with accompanists they sometimes bring, offer a show that's fun, inspiring, and full of surprises. Ken thinks they'll take you beyond anything you can imagine. What does Lydia think? You'll have to ask her!

Below, from the first show Ken & Lydia played together as a duo, there's Ken & Lydia playing a traditional tune, Sandy Boys, on fiddle and banjo. What makes it new is Ken's poem, Learning Banjo. Then we have Lydia's fiddling and singing on her powerful original, Burn. Then we have Ken & Lydia's twin fiddling on Ken's epic story around the fiddle tune, Cluck Old Hen. 

You want more? We have more, and will be playing in New York City January 10-12, 2024 (where they'll be joined by ace Cambridge MA guitarist, Erica Weiss), and elsewhere in New York state in January.  

                                                                                                                                                            photos and videos on this page by Richard Gregory-Allen