Ken Waldman & The Wild Ones

Ken Waldman plays old-time Appalachian-style fiddle, writes smart poems, and tells Alaska-set stories.

When he brings musicians, it becomes Ken Waldman & The Wild Ones. Ken especially likes to
feature Riley Baugus and Willi Carlisle when they're available to tour. Riley has deep roots in North Carolina,
and is a world-class singer, banjo player, guitarist, and fiddler. He's also a one-of-a-kind storyteller and presence.
Click right here for lots more about Riley. Willi Carlisle plays banjo, guitar, fiddle, accordion, harmonica, bones,
is a gifted songwriter, singer, actor, and, like, Riley, is a great presence. More about Willi is here.

If Riley or Willi can't make it, no problem! 

Ken Waldman has been doing this awhile so has a vast network of exceptional musicians, many of whom are often headliners themselves, who enjoy playing with Ken. Here are some musicians who have joined Ken on stage:

Lydia Garrison, Ithaca NY
Brian Vollmer & Claire Byrne, Binghamton NY
Andrea Cooper & Mark Roberts, Amherst MA
Erica Weiss & Joel Wennerstrom, Boston MA
Mark Tamsula & The Snappin' Bug String Band, Pittsburgh PA
Ilan Moss & Charlie Shaw, New York NY
Adam Tanner & Kari Sickenberger, Asheville NC
Janie Rothfield & Allan Carr, Staunton VA
Jordan Wankoff, Chicago IL
Lucy Long & Steve O'Regan, Bowling Green OH
Kyle Orla, Duluth MN
Steve Hodges, Tallahassee FL
Hogie Siebert, Lafayette LA
Jerry Hagins & friends, Austin TX
Tom Sauber, Los Angeles Ca
Kevin Carr, Ashland OR
Ned Leager & Tia Regan & friends, Portland OR
Jeanie Murphy, Port Townsend WA
Tom Paul & Jack Fontanella, Juneau, AK
Peter Johnson, George Sleichter, Johnse Ostman, David McCormick. Anchorage AK

They're happy to be part of The Wild Ones, and are happy to do what a bunch of ramblers with fiddles, banjos, and guitars are apt to do. They'll make it a party.