"You two were way better than the circus."
--home schooling parent (who attended Ken Waldman's March 2019 show where he was joined by Willi Carlisle at Laxson Auditorium in Chico, CA)

"Thank you for opening doors to writing, music, and Alaska in a manner that was easy for students to enter. Sometimes I worry that kids have given up on wonder. You proved me wrong."
--Candace Tippett, Community in Schools Program, Granite Falls Middle School, Granite Falls NC (attended school show at Broyhill Center)

"Ken Waldman is truly one of a kind. He has an original and unique style that actively engaged the students and encouraged them to tap into their creativity and critical thinking skills."
--Martha Brassel, Education and Outreach Coordinator, Vilar Center, Beaver Creek CO

"He managed to engage our entire school of 600 plus students, from the wiggliest kindergartners to the most jaded 5th graders. Ken combines a gentle, folksy spirit with toe-tapping, traditional Appalachian fiddling, and eventually gets all the children writing poetry before they even realize it. I wouldn't have believed that a man who teaches university writing courses could work so well with such a wide range of elementary students, if I hadn't seen it myself. I had a kindergarten teacher tell me afterward that Ken should be an elementary teacher, he was so great with her kids!"
--Heidi Almy, 2nd grade teacher, Lyseth Elementary, Portland ME

"For those who don't live near Alaska, this is the next best thing."
--School Library Journal

"I've brought him to Whittier three times: once in conjunction with a writer's festival, and two other times strictly for outreach. I don't bring people repeatedly unless they are good, have something unique to offer and are easy to work with. . . . I intend to continue bringing Ken to Whittier for our Educational Outreach Program for as long as he'll be able and willing."
--David Palmer, Shannon Center, Whittier College, Whittier CA (now at Soka College in California)

"A wonderful performer, a well-organized guy, and I recommend him wholeheartedly."
--Judy Card, Youth Services Coordinator, First Regional Library, Hernando MS

"Ken Waldman visited the campus of Trinity Preparatory School as part of the Visiting Writers Series which I direct. The experience was electrifying and inspirational to our students, who continue to talk about the “fiddling poet of Alaska” and his music, his stories, and his poems. Among other remarkable talents, Waldman is uncanny in his ability to capture his audience regardless of size, age, or backgrounds. He can lead an advanced creative writing workshop with budding poets during the morning, and then, in the afternoon, turn on an auditorium filled with hundreds of middle school students. . . . When Waldman left us, I knew that he was the type of writer I would be calling on again. He is a unique, authentic, American voice."
--Robert Boerth, Diane and Michael Maher Chair of English, Trinity Preparatory School, Winter Park FL

"Your performance on February 13 was amazing . . . and I do want you to know that your work has influenced many more people than you will ever know."
--John Fairweather, Language Arts teacher, Blake Magnet Arts High School, Tampa FL

"By far, Alaska's Fiddling Poet has been our most successful residency to date . . . we received glowing comments from our patrons, especially the elementary teachers at the Art in Education shows. The children were delighted with your performances . . . I highly recommend Ken Waldman, Alaska's Fiddling Poet to any presenter in search of Art in Education, children's shows, family shows, and residencies."
--Robert Jennings, Director, Townsend Center, University of West Georgia, Carrollton GA

"A few months ago you came to Louisiana and performed some music and poems at Lafayette Charter High School . . . my life had gone downhill and I ended up in a mental institution for severe depression for three months. My poems and writings stopped and I never wrote again . . . that night (you came) you inspired me to start writing again. I even started to write my poems in a book kinda like you did. It helps to keep them organized. I want to thank you because you helped me get more of my feelings out on paper again. I just turned 18 on February 4 and you made me want to change my life again."
--student, Lafayette Charter High School, Lafayette LA

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